{ REVIEW } YouNeverLose.com

{ REVIEW } YouNeverLose.com

I had the opportunity to give YouNeverLose.com a try and wanted to share my experience.

YouNeverLose.com is a new auction site where you have the opportunity to get gift cards up to 90% OFF  retail value.  When you sign up, you buy “points” and in return you’ll get a gift card worth the same.  Example: Buy 25 points and get a $25 gift card in return.  But not only do you get this gift card when you purchase points, you also have the opportunity to win more gift cards!

Each point you bid is a $0.01.  Every time someone bids, the bid goes up by $0.01 and that person becomes the highest bidder.  When the auction is down to the last 20 seconds, things really heat up!

Take this auction for example:

This auction has 21 minutes left, once it gets down to the wire, the pressure is on!  Each time someone bids, the auction is extended another 20 seconds to give others the chance to bid as well.  Once the auction is over, you can buy the gift card for the amount bid.

It was pretty fun to play even though I didn’t win any auctions.  I don’t think that I’d play again as I got frustrated that I went through all of my points so quickly but had I won, I’d be hooked!  This would be excellent if you were giving gift cards for gifts.  You could buy points, get the gift card for buying the points and have the chance to win more gift cards to keep or give away.

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  1. If you did win one you could resell it for about 70% somewhere else

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